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Hip Hop Publicist Michael Bentley to Release Book “Bread and Circuses” in 2016

bread and bentley circuses

michael bentley bread and circuses

Michael Bentley is a publicist, executive producer, A&R, entrepreneur, and now he is adding another trade to his name as he prepares to release his first book, Bread & Circuses.

Bread and Circuses is an old latin term from used by a Roman writer to deplore the declining heroism of Romans after the Roman Republic ceased to exist and the Roman Empire began: “Two things only the people anxiously desire — bread and circuses.” The government kept the Roman populace happy by distributing free food and staging huge spectacles.

The book will cover a plethora of different projects Bentley has worked on or covered in his 15 years inside the entertainment industry including Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign, successful and unsuccessful publicity stunts in the music industry.

It will also cover his reaction and involvement to the documentary, Lost for Life, including his letter to Shannon Adamick involving her son who is in prison for life for murdering a 16 year old schoolmate. Controversial subjects such as gun control, the using of the N word, and other topics including how social media is causing narcissistic children, the trophy generations, and other spectacles in society caused by and from publicity.

“It’s a book that covers why certain spectacles happen the way they do. There is always a wizard of oz behind the curtain, but the theories have gotten way out of hand. Illuminati is the trending buzz word, but it isn’t accurate. There is all this fog and smoke, and this book is the windex and napkin.”  Michael Bentley was quoted on Charlotte WGNC Radio about his upcoming book.

Bread and Circuses is due out in the summer of 2016 for more info visit Michael Bentley Live

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How to Make Money in Hip Hop

Good Luck you are going to need it

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Salvador Caulfield and Citizen IV Release The Official East Coast Laker Shirt

East Coast Lakers

The hottest, young fashion designer in the world of designing urban clothing, Salvador Caulfield, has released the official shirt for all of the Los Angeles Laker fans that live on the East Coast.

Salvador Caulfield’s newest shirt titled, East Coast Lakers, features legendary rap artist, activist, author, actor and more, Tupac Shakur, wearing a Lakers shirt with a purple bandana. The irony for Laker fans on the East Coast is that Tupac was from the East Coast but heavily claimed the West Coast in a gigantic hip-hop beef that lead to his demise and the death of New York Rapper, Biggie Smalls.

Caulfield, who started raised over $2 million dollars with private investors to start his own clothing line, Citizen IV earlier this year, has been a man steadily grinding and making connections for his shirts including placements in major clothing stores including H&M and a major deal pending with the department store, Nordstrom.


East Coast Lakers

Not only can you represent being a Laker fan on the East Coast, but who better than Tupac on your shirt to do it with? Exactly!

This shirt is for sale on Citizen IV’s website, but the site does say that it hasn’t launched yet. The East Coast Lakers shirt is available for purchase, and mine came in just 5 short days.


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Sierra x Ted Park ‘Show You Something’



New hot song alert, Show You Something by Sierra featuring Ted Park. Sierra DeMartino from Wisconsin,  is only 17 years young, and this is her first single. It is a certified banger.

The song was produced by Pdub the Producer whose credits include MMG, King Louie, and more.

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Pioneer PLX 1000 Turntable In Depth Review

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