Kanye West takes his ignorance to a new level

kanye west ignorance

Kanye West shocked fans in Australia when he halted a concert after two fans failed to stand up for him, even though one was in a wheelchair and the other had a prosthetic limb reports The Independent.

The often controversial pop rapper stopped a show in Sydney, demanding that every member of the audience get up and dance.

“I can’t do this show until everybody stand up. Unless you got a handicap pass and you get special parking and s**t,” he shouted.

The majority of people stood up but when West spotted two people still seated he called them out and refused to go on with the show.

It was only when one fan waved her prosthetic limb did the rapper acknowledge his mistake by saying, “Okay, you fine.”

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Murda Mook & T Rex Say are mad Mainstream Rappers are taking their corner

Neither one of these 2 battle rappers can make an Album that goes gold. They have never been on billboard so their fan base is minimal. Battle rap is so played out its laughable now. Mainstream rappers are brought into try and make some money off of it.


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Curren$y – Fo

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G-Unit – Funkmaster Flex Freestyle

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Andre 3000 to quit rapping next year when he is 40

andre 3000

Andre 3000 is considering retiring from the rap game next year after he turns 40.

“I remember, at like 25, saying, ‘I don’t want to be a 40-year-old rapper,'” he told the New York Times. “I’m 39 now, and I’m still standing by that. I’m such a fan that I don’t want to infiltrate it with old blood.”

The Outkast star, born Andre Benjamin, also revealed that he recruits his teenage son Seven (his son with singer Erykah Badu), to critique his verses because he is no longer confident about what will resonate with young music listeners.

“I struggle with the verses. I don’t sit around and write raps, I just don’t. Now the only time I’m really inspired to write raps is if an artist that I enjoy invites me to their party. So if Future calls and says, ‘Hey man, I want you to do this,’ I don’t want to let Future down. I don’t want to let Lil Wayne or Drake down, because I love them … My son, he’s 16. Him and his buddies, they’ll be in the car, and I’ll say, ‘Hey, what do you think about this verse?’ That’s my gauge at this point. I don’t have the pulse. Part of art is knowing when not to put paint on. And when to change your medium.”

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