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Eminem denies getting back together with his Ex Wife

Eminem has denied reports that claim he has reunited with his ex Kim Mathers. Eminem released a statement thru his Representative.

“Contrary to false rumors spread by unreliable tabloids, Marshall and Kim Mathers are not romantically reunited in any way, nor are they expecting a child together,” says Eminem’s rep, Dennis Dennehy, in response to the latest Star cover. “They are a divorced couple who share custody of their daughter and maintain a friendly relationship.

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Eminem to Sign the Next Great White Rapper

Word in Detroit is Eminem is looking for the next great white Rapper. Unlike the Reality T.V. show that was terrible. Eminem is said to be looking for a protege to take his crown as the Greatest White rapper of all time. There are a estimated 30 million rappers worldwide that are not signed, and one of them has to be white and one of them has to be able to flow Eminem said.


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50 Cent Says Eminem’s Success Is ‘Something To Work To

50 Cent says “Psycho,” from his new Before I Self Destruct album, is totally different from “Patiently Waiting,” even though the tracks feature the same collaborator, more or less.

“Well, ‘Patiently Waiting’ I perform with Eminem. On [‘Psycho’], off of Before I Self Destruct, is 50 Cent and Slim Shady,” he explained. “He has an alter ego, and he has a comfort with doing things [that] are the craziest things possible. That’s when the chainsaw comes out. He starts going nuts on you. I wanted him to be able to go to that space, so I worked the chorus and he heard the chorus and he’s like, ‘Yo, I like that.’ I actually recorded [‘Psycho’] in Las Vegas. Dre produced the track, we had a bunch of producers out there, and I went and laid the first verse. [Em] came and he heard it and he was like, ‘Yo, I’m ready.’ Wrote his verse, laid it. And then he started the next verse without me, I was like, ‘Whoa, I really only wanted one verse. I was going to rap again on the third.’ And then he just came in on that, so we went back and forth on the last piece. That song is crazy. That collaboration, we just got such a good energy around each other that we can be creative around each other.”

Fif said that the three-headed monster of himself, Em and Dr. Dre get along so well because they have “a chain of command.”

“I listen to Em, Em absolutely listens to Dre, and that keeps us together,” he said. “The opportunity that Dre offered Em is what Em did for me. There’s no confusion with where we stand or how we function. They’re both not easy to just do things. I’m the easiest one to work with because … I’m more active. It’s just their achievements and where they’re at in their career. I’m the baby, I’m the smallest one. How ’bout that? Isn’t that scary?”

50 already knows the answer to that question.

“Yeah!” he continued. “Because when they go away, I’m the biggest one in hip-hop, and I’m the smallest one in my circle, in my camp. This is what keeps me down to Earth and working, because I feel like there’s room for growth. You got artists around you that do 23 million records on [The] Marshall Mathers LP before you come out. Yeah, I had the largest debuting hip-hop album, but it ain’t the largest album. And [for Eminem] to generate twice the interest? Says that there’s something to work to.”

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Producers talk about working on Eminems Relapse 2

With Eminem’s Relapse 2 being uncertain for a November release, two of its recruited heavyweight producers Denaun Porter Mr. Porter and Just Blaze have shed light on the album’s progress.

Porter detailed how his production relationship with Eminem has grown since their work on the superstar’s debut album, Infinite.
While many fans argue rapper’s earlier work are usually stronger because they are hungry for success, Porter feels Eminem’s quality has improved with his superstardom.

“It’s no fun when you’re broke,” he stated. “We were trying to do Infinite like we had more money when we didn’t have any. We were trying to get to a certain point, but now he’s got it. The reason he’s good is not because being white worked to his advantage. It did a little at first, but all day everyday the kid is writing. I don’t know if Jay-Z is writing all day. He owns multi-million dollar businesses. Em writes all day. Jay probably comes up with lines [and] that make him one of the greatest. I’m fighting, because Just Blaze came in and kicked ass.”
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After leaking Jay Electronica’s “Exhibit C” and a Nas snippet last week, Just Blaze has renewed attention on what other tracks he has in the vaults, and what he’s developed for Relapse 2.

Due to their protective natures, Blaze revealed that his time with Eminem has been challenging despite their creative highs.

“It’s a challenge for both of us in the sense we’ve never worked with each other before. We’ve both been in the business 10 plus years,” Just Blaze explained. “We’re both very self-contained. He has his own production compound, and I have my situation with Bassline Studios in New York. Sometimes I’m like I need this [song] back in New York and he’s like I need it back in Detroit. It’s interesting because we’re both protective of the work and not wanting it to leak out. I’m in the same boat, because we both would lose money. Creatively it’s a good process. When it goes beyond a business arrangement, it always works out. I’ve had cases where people just want a beat because you’re Just Blaze. But here we are 2 people that are fans of each other’s work.”

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Eminem The Roots and DJ Jazzy Jeff – Rock the Bells VH1 Hip-Hop Honors Preview

Eminem |Eminem Video |The Roots |DJ Jazzy Jeff

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