Papoose: “Facts, Lyrically Jay Z Is Not on My Level”

Papoose doesn’t have a single hit song, very few record sales at all, and i doubt he could fill up a small bar if he went on tour outside of New York. On the other hand Jay-Z has been on stadium tours and cannot walk down the street without getting mobbed. Papoose  had a contract years ago then got dropped by the label, I don’t even know if he is signed right now. Jay-Z is in the twilight of his career and doesn’t ever have to rap again and he will remain in the top 5 of all time. Papoose saying he is more lyrical means nothing, Jigga even said he makes hits he cashes checks he doesn’t care about being lyrical anymore. Papoose achieved what he wanted he got a tiny bit of promotion out of disrespecting Jay-Z but that’s about it.