MSN Expose’s Rick Ross as a Fake Gangster rapper

Like many rappers, Rick Ross plays a persona — his stage name is that of a former drug kingpin — often puffing up his tough-guy credentials. Unlike most rappers, he was once a prison guard, rather than an actual gangster. As it so often does in hip-hop, however, reality has a way of violently intruding, as Ross recently discovered. He had to cancel a string of concert dates after being threatened by the Gangster Disciples street gang. His transgression? Name-dropping the group’s infamous and now imprisoned former leader, Larry Hoover, in his 2010 hit “B.M.F. (Blowin’ Money Fast).” In YouTube videos, the gang threatened to kill Ross unless he paid them tribute.  CLICK LINK BELOW TO GO TO ORIGINAL MSN LINK

Fake gangster rapper cancels shows after threats from actual