Kanye West turns down American Idol claiming he has street cred

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Besides having a baby with one of the biggest whores in the history of fame groupies. Kanye actually thinks he has street credibility. It is laughable on so many levels. Kanye is a mainstream pop star now. Nobody in the hood says pop in that Kanye West CD while you are driving through the hood.

Kanye West turned down the opportunity to be an “American Idol” because he didn’t want to lose any street credibility by becoming “too mainstream”. Apparently, he still considers himself to be the elusive, unattainable wordsmith that wasn’t afraid to speak his mind regardless of what kind of backlash he may suffer as a result.


His relationship with Kim Kardashian has made West the subject of the most tabloid fodder he has ever experienced in his long and successful career. You can barely go on the internet or to your local supermarket without seeing the face of West and Kardashian adorning the covers and homepages of print and digital publications. Add in the fact that Kim’s pregnancy kept the couple in the tabloids and on Entertainment Weekly and TMZ. West should have realized that at this point in his career he is a household name.


West believes that he is still the rapper from his “College Dropout” days. He even attempted to drop his recent album “Yeezus” with a “minimalist” approach. It seems by many that he is trying to recapture himself as an artist and is starting to shy away from the fame in a manner similar to what happened during the months leading up to the release of his “808’s and Heartbreaks” album. However, between appearances on SNL, his relationship with a media starlet and his music career, any attempt at reclusiveness is delusional.


Instead of West, songwriter and producer Dr. Luke, real name Lukasz Gottwald, is in talks to join the panel that will also feature returning judges Jennifer Lopez, who took a year break from the show, and Keith Urban.