JJ FAD Returns After 20 Yrs Gets Nod From Dr Dre

After a twenty year hiatus, the girls of JJ Fad return to the mic, this time with Uncle Louie Music Group (ULMG). With Ruthless Records in their rearview mirror, their studio session at Command Recording in Valencia California marks a historic moment for hip-hop and the trio whose accomplishments in the hip-hop arena have been momentous. JJ Fad, the first female rap group to go platinum and the first female rap group to be nominated for a Grammy, had their first studio session since the Reagan Administration; the session took place this afternoon, and under the guidance of producer J-Love and with Songwiter and Recording Artist Booker Moon, both key players on the Uncle Louie Music Group roster. At the studio, Dr. Dre told reporters: “I’m glad the girls are back to doing what they do best and I wish them the best. We’re looking forward to working with J-Love on this project. Eminem and 50 are going to bring some new school fire for these old school ladies.” While video rolled and photographers snapped away, MC JB, Sassy C, and Baby D rehearsed their world famous Supersonic jam to the applause of in studio visitors and press. Their Supersonic re-release is slated for February 17th 2009; their studio session was for a dual purpose: Tuning up for their upcoming old school revival tour with the Fat Boys and recording their new album. The album is tentatively set for release in Spring 2009 and will be released through the Uncle Louie Music Group Label . The JJ Fad girls also recorded a series of Supersonic Ringtones and Callback Tunes set to be released this month through a ULMG brokered deal coordinated by San Francisco based Abe Batshon, with distribution through AT&T Wireless, Verizon and various other mobile carriers. MC JB told the press: “We sat down with Source Magazine this week and had a great time. We discussed our hiatory with Ruthless Records and talked about how we hooked up with Dr. Dre and Eazy-E and our future with Uncle Louie Music Group. Overall we just love making music and we’re really excited to be back in LA making music again. J-Love is a true professional an working with Booker Moon was a pleasure. Come this Spring you will be nodding your head to JJ Fad again, we haven’t missed a beat!”