Commercial DJ Funkmaster Flex Goes in on Nicki Minaj says hip hop shouldn’t support commercial artists

After receiving word that Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj had canceled her appearance at HOT 97 Summer Jam following ill remarks from on-air personality Peter Rosenberg, Funkmaster Flex was quick to express his thoughts on the rapper during his set. Fuck Flex never referred to Nicki Minaj by name during his set, but his comments seemed to be aimed directly at the rapper. “We ain’t fuckin’ with commercial rappers no more,” said Funkmaster Flex while playing Rihanna’s “Cake” remix. “If you lost the fuckin’ streets then it’s your fault. If you don’t go gold it’s your fault. I’m dedicated to tearing you down.” The funny thing about it is Funkmaster Flex is a commercial DJ. Funkmaster Flex went on to say he isn’t supporting commercial artists by encouraging fans to Tweet him if they choose to no longer buy commercial albums. “We gon’ show you mama. You think you didn’t sell any records this time…If you not buying no more commercial albums hit me on Twitter right now,” said Flex.

Aside from various comments made via Twitter, Nicki Minaj has yet to respond publicly to her cancellation. But according to Funkmaster Flex the rapper is scheduled to appear on his show on HOT 97 tonight (June 4). Most hardcore hip hop fans lost respect for Flex when he said fuck tupac on stage back in 2010. The west coast is still wating on Flex to show up on the westcaost. Nicki Minaj sold out a long time ago she is trying to distance herself from real hip hop now because she knows she will get paid more by the pop fans they even made her look completely white on her last album. Nicki Minaj is basically unstoppable now, 90% of her record sales are from pop sales, hip hop fans don’t buy her albums, what hip hop fan would  listen to that starship crap ??? Either way there is nothing Funkmaster Flex can say or do to stop her grind, she crossed over and was accepted by the pop crowd last year. She will get paid for life.