Arian Foster of the Houston Texans is trying to be a rapper with Bun B’s help

Why would a multi millionaire want to try and be a rapper is beyond me. I know some people crave the limelight but when you are already a star NFL player why bother. During an interview Bun B. revealed that Arian Foster, who signed a $43 million deal with the Texans in March, is passionately working on his rap career during the off-season. “It’s not something that he really focuses on during the season cause he wants to make sure the Houston Texans get every dime they paid for out of him,” Bun B. explained. “He’s very focused and very determined to make sure he gets his best effort when the season’s on the line.” And that’s fine for Bun B., who is a huge fan of the Houston Texans, a team that had their best year in 2011, with a record of 10-6. “I’m just having a ball right now. The teams looking good I’m excited about what the future holds,” Bun B. said.