Afrika Bambaataa is slanging sneakers now

How Many Hip Hop artists are going to get their own clothing line or sneaker ? The madness has to stop some where. Hip-Hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa is the next artist getting into the clothing business with the launch of the Zulu Collection with C1RCA Select. It seems Bambaataa as one of the pioneers of hip Hop should of been one of the first into this side business, but he finally got his own line of t-shirts and kicks.

The Zulu Collection consists of sneakers and T-shirts. The pioneer has designed two sneakers, The Bambaataa Convert and the 99 Vulc.

The Convert comes in a green, black and red color way, in suede, patent leather and Nubuck.

The heel has “UZN” on the heel and “Zulu Nation” on the bottom of the sole.

The Hip-Hop pioneer has also produced three different T-shirts that will be launched with the Spring 2011 collection.